Cactus Flight 1549 Accident Reconstruction Data

Check out this very informative reconstruction using real data from Flight 1549 and their heroic landing in the Hudson River.

Shame On Former President Clinton

Recently President Obama called on former President Bill Clinton to speak to Senate Democrats about the pending health care proposal that recently passed the House. Let me just preface this conversation by explaining the importance of this piece of legislation. Health Care reform is a necessity, you will not find many to argue that point. The shape of the reform is the point of contention. This is legislation that deserves a careful look by our elected officials in Washington. This is a major deal and deserves a well thought out vote.

Instead of detailing the importance of getting a bill passed that creates an improved situation for the countless number of Americans that are currently uninsured, Mr. Clinton decided to focus on simply passing a bill. He took the opportunity to come to Capitol Hill as an opportunity to play politics with health care reform. I found this very shocking. Politico quoted Mr. Clinton as saying, “just pass the bill, even if it’s not exactly what you want..” I found this extremely disturbing. These are officials elected by the people to serve the best interest of the electorate. For someone that has held the highest office in the land to say that about such an important issue to Americans is disheartening. Mr. Clinton’s reasoning for his comment dealt with keeping the Republicans at bay. When health care reform failed during the Clinton administration, Republicans gained control of the House of Representatives the following year. I say so what. I want my legislators making an educated and well thought out vote as opposed to simply a political vote that doesn’t take the best interest of our country to heart.

It is my belief that this is what is wrong with our political system. Too many times members of the House or Senate are making votes simply with politics in mind as opposed to the impact it will have on their constituents. In addition to health care reform, we strongly need legislative reform. We need to see a new body of elected that put party affiliation on the back burner and stand up and vote for the people that put them there in the first place. Makes votes for our country and not votes for Republicans or Democratic platforms.