Why Criticize President Obama?

There have been many debates and much has been written about the criticism that President Obama is receiving. Why criticize a man that has only been in office 9 months? Is the criticism just? I hope to provide some insight.

We are at the tail end of a major economic crisis. Reports are from Fed Chairman Bernanke and Lawrence Summers that we have witnessed the worst of the recession. Having said that, Americans are still feeling the negative impact of the recession. The unemployment rate continues to rise, consumer spending is decreasing, homes are being foreclosed on, and interest rates are very low. All of these contributing factors cause there to be a sense of doom and gloom among Americans.

To take just one recent example. So much has been made of President Obama’s public healthcare proposal. The overall resounding message in the media is one of negativity. Most Republican commentators, such as Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity, are creating a sense of uneasiness among Americans. Now, one can debate whether that is justified or not, but it cannot be debated that it is present. When taking all of the things mentioned above into account, the result is an American population on edge.

We currently see an American population that is very defensive. One that is on the lookout for anything that may be interpreted as a provocative act. As Americans we are, to steal a metaphor from the campaign, “clinging to our guns and religion” in this tense time. I think one positive outcome of this crisis and negativity that we are surrounded with is that we are much more of an informed population. This is evident in the recent rise in online bloggers. We are expressing ourselves like never before. We are calling into call in radio and television shows and expressing our views on any given topic. This is a good thing. This is a positive thing for our nation. We need to be a people of expression. One that is willing to stand up in the face of opposition for a position that we feel passionate about. That is what being free is all about. That is what America is all about.

To get back to my opening questions. Is the criticism fair? Is the criticism just? We all have our own opinions on that. But one thing is for sure, we are experiencing politics as never before. This is a positive thing for our country. We should continue to express ourselves and we will all benefit and be better people for it.

2 Responses

  1. Ok Roger, I’m finally leaving a comment. First off, I liked this post alot. Very thought provoking. I’d be interested to see actual numbers/trends of the continuing negative impacts people are facing. I’m not doubting them at all – I’m just curious as to how people feel on 10/14 compared to how they felt, say 5/14. Its ironic this is posted on the day the Dow broke back through 10k. I have friends that have accounts that in the last year were down $15k and as of last week were only down $1,600.

  2. Thanks for your comment JB. I hope you continue to read and be active in the discussion. In reference to numbers/trends. I’ll be sure to alert you to the next unemployment numbers that are published. There have been articles documenting the problems some of the major retailers are facing and the bleek holiday shopping season forecasts. It would be my belief that people are feeling worse now as opposed to 5/14 because the negative impact of a long recession has hit some folks pretty hard. A perfect example is a community rebuilding after a hurricane or tornado destroys their neighborhood. We are rebuilding. So I agree that there will be indicators that show promise. Once Americans begin working again, only then can we expect to see consumer spending increase. Thanks again.


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