Honduras – What it means to us?


We all remember the big media blitz surrounding President Obama and his “friendly” encounter with the President of Venenzuela Hugo Chavez at the Summit of the Americas. We also remember President Obama refusing to intervene or make a statement regarding the atrocities that occurred in Iran surrounding their recent elections. I mention these two scenarios because it clearly sets a foundation for the agenda that our President is trying to establish. In terms of Iran, he saw it necessary to not intervene or make a statement until very late in relation to the violence resulting from their elections. Mr. Chavez is a known Socialist. In February Mr. Chavez won a referendum to eliminate term limits for his office. This allows him to push his socialist agenda and transformation for a long time to come. Mr. Chavez has a close relationship with Honduran President Manuel Zelaya who was recently arrested by the militia and basically removed from power. What was the reason for this? Mr. Zelaya was doing the same thing as Mr. Chavez. He was trying to change the country’s consitution so that he can not be bound my term limits. Many in Honduras believe him to be trying to also push a socialist agenda within the country. His close relationship with Mr. Chavez would be an indication, just for starters. You may be asking where does the United States fit into this picture? How does this say anything about us as a nation? The answer is very obvious. President Obama has spoken out against President Zalaya being removed from power, and in fact has gone as far as to declare that as far as the United States is concerned, Mr. Zelaya is still President. It is my opinion that this speaks volumes about the mindset of our President and who he decides to have a relationship with. He refused to intervene when Iran was undergoing such terrible violence in the streets. However, he feels necessary to speak in support of a man that was trying to change the constitution to fit his own socialist agenda. You are who your friends are and I think President Obama’s relationships with men who are pushing a socialist agenda in their own country, speaks volumes as to what we can expect in our country if we allow this administration another term.


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  1. I agree, we are leaning towards quasi-socialist ideas. Yet, I don’t think I’m ready to condemn the President as an undercover Marxist.

    This is no shot at the Newsden, who is doing a fine job of reporting well rounded opinion. But I have one question to ask the fear mongers who quiver at the thought of a milliliter of socialism being induced into the all-perfect democratic system.

    What about Standard Oil, Alexander Bell, Andrew Carnegie, Charles Schwab, J.P. Morgan, AIG, De Beers? These are all examples of when Capitalism goes wrong.

    I think Americans should stick to their political guns, however impeding progress by exaggerating the fear of a new political regime will only hurt our future.

    The current state of health insurance is a quasi-monopoly which has inflated premiums so that a great number of Americans can afford it. That’s is when a drop of socialism isn’t so bad.

    Remember oil, diamonds, steel, Ma Bell…

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