The Circus of PA Politics

The shenanigans continue in the Pennsylvania budget battle. Today the Senate Republicans attempted to override the previous blue line vetos to SB850. This was done in the name of putting Pennsylvanians first. In reality what it did do was successfully waste a day that could have been used on something more constructive. The Senate Republicans had to know going into today that the chances of gaining a 2/3 majority, which is required, to override the vetos wasn’t likely. In fact they only managed to sway 1 Democratic vote. So once the override attempt failed, the Senate Republicans attempted to go back and introduce each item individually. Senator Orrie chastised Governor Rendell as someone that has voluntarily elected not to fund programs to assist victims of domestic violence and rape. When in actuality, what happened was that Governor Rendell decided to keep funding from SB850 so that those providing essential Governmental functions would be paid. This was clearly not an attempt to leave anyone out. It certainly did not signal that Governor Rendell was voting against these victims of such terrible abuses. Senator Corman made the argument that the lines where the Senate Republicans and Democrats agree on a funding amount should be overriden and adopted. I see one clear problem with this approach. The Senate Republicans are not willing to vote for any new revenue generators. Having said that, if you begin to adopt lines in the budget where there is currently an agreement to funding values, you are bound to disagree on when to vote on certain areas and those areas that are left for last are bound to not be properly funded. The money would run out prematurely. The Senate Republicans are playing political games at the expense of the citizens. Instead of spending 6+ hours debating frivilous things where the results are apparent, the time could have been used productively negotiating and working on solutions to this long overdue budget.

Another political area that has created a stir recently is in reference to the Republican candidates for Governor. Rep. Jim Gerlach the Republican candidate will likely be facing current Attorney General Tom Corbett in the Republican primary. Rep. Gerlach has been in the news calling for Attorney General Corbett to either step down as Attorney General and focus on the campaign, or announce his attentions to not run for Governor. AG Corbett recently held a fundraiser however he has not publically anounced his candidacy for Governor. Corbett is also facing some scrutiny for his handling of the “Bonusgate” scandal. When the initial round of indictments were about to be announced, AG Corbett implied that both Republicans and Democrats were going to be indicted. However, thus far only Democratic legislators and some staff have been indicted. Some say this is a politically motivated move. I tend to agree with that assertion. What confirmed my theory on that was when AG Corbett came out yesterday and stated that he never promised to pursue members of the Republican party. This is such a farce and certainly proves a conflict of interest does exist. Someone with political aspirations should not be in a position where they are able to exert political influence. This simply does not make sense and is ethically wrong.

Pennsylvania politics are certainly enduring turbulent times. This Commonwealth is on the verge of seeing major implications as a result of neglect and inability to conduct the duties the legislature were elected to do. President Obama ran on the platform of change during his Presidential campaign. Pennsylvania needs a candidate to run on much the same platform. True reform is necessary in these tough times. We are living in a state that is headed down the wrong path for a plethera of reasons. We need to elect lawmakers that are able to put real people in front of a political agenda. Thus far this has not been happening during this prolonged budget season. There are plenty of areas of neglect on both sides of the aisle in all 4 caucuses including the Governor’s administration. The time is now to get down to the people of Pennsylvania’s business. Partisan politics and political posturing has to stop. The people of Pennsylvania deserve much better!


3 Responses

  1. As long as it doesn’t raise taxes, it’ll keep 57% of people happy.

    I agree, compromise should be made.

  2. In regards to your percentage, if you’re referring to my other post 57% disapprove of a singler payer system. That doesn’t reflect anything about taxes. People are generally satisfied with their current health care plan. Taxes doesn’t come into that argument.

    • The same people that are satisfied with their health care are the same people that “hate” taxes!!! But you, being one of the few exceptions I think are correct when saying the repubs in our state need to just come to a compromise to get this budget passed.

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