Intense Town Halls

Recently we have witnessed extreme anger over the health care debate. This is anger that, I believe, even President Obama did not expect. Some have said that a failure of the Obama Administration to pass health care reform could spell failure for his overall administration. The backlash over the possibility of a public health care option has made even the non-political angry as we witnessed at Senator Arlen Specter’s townhall meeting in Lebanon, PA. Why so much anger over this proposal? Why is this debate driving so many Americans out in droves to attend the town hall meetings?

It is my belief that Americans are beginning to see the potential for Governmental control in every aspect of their life and they will not stand for it. We have witnessed the control of the financial institutions. We have witnessed the government takeover of the auto industry. And now Americans are seeing an attempt by this administration of taking over their health care. Does health care need reform? Of course it does. However taking control of it and eliminating a competitive market is not the answer. It is obvious that private companies will not be able to compete with a government run public option. Small businesses will not be able to offer a dependable insurance plan due to compete. The Government will be able to offer a cheaper insurance plan than the private industry is able to. As a result, we will see a migration from the private insurance plan into the public plan. Therefore, small businesses especially will be forced to give up coverage of their employees and turn them over into the hands of the Government for coverage.

Rasmussen polls have shown that the majority of Americans are happy with their existing coverage. Per Rasmussen, 57% disapprove of a single payer public health care option. These are the people that are coming out to the town hall meetings. This begs to question then why has the Obama Administration continued to try to force this public option down our throats? It just doesn’t make good sense. I agree that some of the anger being shown at the town hall gatherings are completely out of line. It is getting to the point that it is bordering on dangerous. We have the news footage of the video of the man standing outside of one of the meetings with a gun strapped to his side with a sign indicating that the time is right to water the tree of liberty. This is an allusion to a quote by Thomas Jefferson in which he was referring to the blood of patriots or tyrants refreshing the tree of liberty. This is a scary scenario that had begun to develop. I don’t believe that a public health care option is truly worth the risk it was beginning to cause. That is why I was glad to hear that President Obama came out and stated that a public option was not a mandatory requirement for health care reform to progress.

I believe that compromise is possible. I would love to see members of both the House of Representatives and the Senate work together in a bipartisan fashion to accomplish true reform. This would be to the benefit of all Americans. I understand that President Obama is beginning to catch some backlash from members of his own party because of his recent announcement. I truly feel though that taking the public option off the table is the safest thing to do at this time. Democratic Senators were facing intense pressure at the town hall meetings and reform can still be accomplished without using a public health care option to do it. The anger that was brewing wasn’t an asset for The United States and I hope that President Obama realized that and will stand beside his latest announcement.


3 Responses

  1. The government isn’t taking anything over. The Health Insurance companies are the new Government, they have complete control over any and everything!!!!!!!

  2. Now wait a minute. The public health care option proposed by President Obama is a government controlled health care option.

    Provide specifics on what you mean by health insurance companies having “complete control of any and everything”.

  3. All I can say is:

    It’s half the battle just for the simple fact that health care reform was brought up for debate again on a more serious level and many people do believe something needs to be done. What ever that is that needs to be done is yet to be seen, but just by the publicity this debate has gotten is hopefully a start.

    The health insurance companies are just a bunch of greedy thieves. If im gonna pay a high priced premium for mediocre coverage I’d rather a percentage of that payment going to someone else who might not be able to provide insurance for themselves rather than some crazy profit hungry insurance company. But I understand the public option could possibly be off the table now, but in theory it’s a great idea in my opinion.

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