Drunk Driving – Who’s to Blame?


Recently the world heard about another terrible tragedy as a result of drunk driving. Diane Shuler of Long Island, NY loaded her 2 year old daughter and her 3 nieces into her vehicle after having consumed far too much alcohol and under the influence of controlled substances. After driving the wrong way and crashing her vehicle into another, 7 lives were lost as result of her negligence. All 5 in her vehicle and 2 in the vehicle she struck were killed. Her husband has refused to admit that she could have had a problem with alcohol. I would think that it would be common to be in a form of denial after such a tragedy. Noone wants to believe that someone they care about could be the cause for such a tragedy. The extremely left leaning website http://www.salon.com recently published an article trying to rationalize what happened. The truth is there isn’t a logical rationale for it. Drinking and driving is simply wrong. There is no way around that. Did Mrs. Shuler get in the vehicle with the intent to kill, of course not but it should be deduced that this kind of tragic ending could occur.

There has been a lot of debate as to whether Alcoholism is truly a disease that cannot be helped. Proponents of this belief tend to put a victim face to their alcoholism. They tend to act as if they are innocent people that have been stricken with the undesirable fate of alcoholism. Whether or not that is the case doesn’t excuse the behavior of getting behind the wheel after having consumed alcohol. To compound the problem, Mrs. Shuler was also under the influence of drugs per the toxicology report. The fact that drunk driving occurs in our world far too often doesn’t excuse it occuring as this article on salon.com seems to suggest.

We could debate at length the issue of drunk driving. It simply is wrong and those caught of engaging in such a behavior should be punished to the furthest extent of the law. Let’s stop making excuses for these perpetrators and start focusing more on how to avoid it occuring in the first place. Innocent lives are being lost while we try to logically explain why this happens. I apologize for sounding heartless in regards to this topic, but it is something that is just so senseless and should never happen. If you are going to go out and have a good time that is perfectly fine with me. All that I ask is for the sake of those innocent lives that may be on the roadway at the same time, please have the responsibility of ensuring that you have a ride home. Please do not try to kid yourself that you are able to drive and are not impaired. It is not worth the risk, and more importantly not worth risking the lives of the innocent that just happen to be sharing the road with you.



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