SB850-The Bridge Budget

Today the house prepared to send SB850 to the Governor for his line item vetos so that state workers may begin receiving their paychecks. Governor Rendell, during his press conference, believes he will receive the bill either late Tuesday or early Wednesday. He will be line item vetoing every line except for the lines that are necessary for government operations. Rep. Mario Civera had previously once again amended SB850 in an attempt to get a final budget through the House. However the amendment failed on a vote of 95-103. This would have delayed the process of getting state workers paid because if it had passed it would have gone to the Senate. It is time for these partisan games to stop and the legislators need to get down to the business of passing a budget. Rep. Civera had to have known when he presented the amendment that it would fail. Hopefully once state workers begin to receive their paychecks, the legislature can get down to passing a budget that is both balanced and sustainable.


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