Conference Committee – Day 1

After spending nearly half the meeting arguing over whether or not a chairperson should be appointed, where to start with budget talks, and where the committee meetings would be held the committee got underway. Whether or not progress has been made is up for debate, but at least the dialogue found a starting point. The Conference Committee will reconvene Thursday at 9 a.m. at the Forum.

In other budget related news, Governor Rendell held a press conference where he announced that if progress is not made throughout the remainder of this week, on Monday he will formally request that SB850 be sent to him for signing and the bill would be used as a bridge bill and would not be the formal budget bill. He emphasized that point several different times during the press conference. Basically the Governor would line item veto all lines in the budget except for the lines that are necessary for the government to operate. Basically this boils down to the 77,000 state workers and vendors that are deemed essential for government operations being paid.

Check back for updates on this budget impasse that is approaching one month overdue.


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