Socialized Medicine-Rant #2

President Obama deserves credit for getting the ball rolling on the economic recovery. One area where I believe he is completely missing the boat is in reference to health care and his proposals. I agree that health care does need to be reformed. I will be the first to admit that. Having said that, his method to achieve that is completely wrong. It will lead to small businesses electing not to hire and paying lower wages in order to offer the health care coverage to employees they would not otherwise. The Congressional Budget Office has testified that the spending associated with President Obama’s healthcare proposal will increase the national debt. This was something that President Obama had said, if occurred, he would not go forward with the plan. So what does he do, he denies that it will add to the debt. So what is the economic impact of this plan? It will increase unemployment because of factors mentioned earlier. It will create lower wages. And finally, it will increase the national deficit.

Another major impact would be in reference to quality of care. Canada currently has the same type of system and mortality rates for diseases such as colon cancer are much higher than in the United States. The reason for that is that the Government has decided against certain treatments because of the financial cost associated with them. Also the wait times to see doctors are much longer than they currently are in the United States. In a nationalized system the Government would control what type of treatments are given to the patient as options. This speaks for itself in terms of who would benefit. We currently enjoy the freedom to make our own decisions in terms of treatments and medications prescribed by doctors. Once that is taken away from us, how are we free? We are not able to choose what is best for us, the Government would do it for us.

This is meant to be just a brief skim of how this would impact our lives as free Americans. You may do a little more research into the Canadian health care system to see more detailed ways the nationalized system is not a good system and is very dangerous to adopt.


4 Responses

  1. I enjoyed reading this article, I agree with that President Obama should reread his prposal on Health Care, alot of people will not be able to afford to pay for these benefits out of pocket.

  2. Thanks for your comments Benita. Cost will certainly play a major role in this health care debate. One thing I didn’t mention in the article is the cost to taxpayers in the form of tax increases. As it is being detailed now it would appear the tax increases will effect those in the higher income bracket, but you really have to wonder.

  3. All I know is the rate of Health Care at my place of employment has increased for the past 8 years. I’ve been employed at the same place for 11 years and for the past 8 of those years, our Heath Care rate has sky rocketed to the point of if it wasn’t for my wife’s beautiful state benefits my wife or son would not be covered under my current plan. It is a nightmare out there right now in the civilized world with what it cost for health care whether you’re on a plan, or just stepping into the ER for some stitches with an out of pocket pay schedule. There is thousands, if not millions of people who go to work every day and 40 hrs a week mind you who “STILL” cant afford to pay the Health Care premiums their current employers provide to them. And what do their employers say to them??? “I’m sorry Janice but we are raising the rates because the insurance company is raising the rates on us”!!! Bulls**t!!!!

    So, Just the fact that there is “TALK” that, ” oh yeah, I agree we need health care reform” in this country!!!!,,, is being discussed right now, I give Obama credit. Because if nothing was mentioned or pushed like it is right now, there would be no reform, and people would just continue to pay raising rates without a say. And again, who knows if any of these politicians have the people in mind when they speak, but reform sounds pretty damn good to most folk!!!

    This whole talk about private vs public is crap, When you look on your pay stub for most working citizens for a “family rate”, Health care is the most expensive deduction, even more that social security and federal tax that you pay. Even to the point that a lot, if not most employee’s decide not to have health care because they simply they can’t afford it. If I’m all about my federal income tax going to fighting wars, bailing out banks and paying congressmen, why not have part of my health care rate going to some other family that might need help instead of these greedy corporate insurance companies raking in billions of profit???

    Please, some politician out there have the people in mind, not your own greedy gain!!!!!

    Capitalism works to a point, but remember, everything should be enjoyed in moderation, you don’t want to overdose!!!!

    Hell, this will never work, Millionaires don’t want to pay for your booboo!!!! Suck it up and become a millionaire and let all your other countrymen rot in the trenches!!!! Because the dudes in the trenches don’t do any work…….. yeah right!!!!!!

    Trenton Makes, The World Takes!!!!!

    • Thanks Jason for your input. I would have to respectfully disagree with the notion that Capitalism should be enjoyed “in moderation”. Capitalism is what this world was founded on. Socialism, on the other hand, is a completely different monster. I know we have discussed this in a previous post, but as Americans we do not want to have our freedom taken away from us by the government. I personally enjoy being able to live as I see fit. Being able to raise my child as I see fit, not the way someone else wants me to. Back to healthcare. I agree with you that reform needs to happen. I personally believe the proposal put forth by Senator McCain back during the campaign was a much better method to reform healthcare. We should be given a predetermined amount of money by the government to go out and purchase the healthcare plan that would best suit our needs. This takes out the whole competition argument. The private sector insurance companies would be able to thrive and businesses would not be under the mandate to provide healthcare to their employees. This will create a severe burden on businesses, thus increasing unemployment and resulting in lower wages as I discussed in the post.

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