Palin-A Different Political View

Governor Sarah Palin has created quite a stir with her recent press conference where she announced that she will be resigning as Governor of Alaska and will not seek reelection. There are several rumors circulating about her motive behind the surprise announcement. Some believe that she is wanting to prepare for a presidential run in 2012. Others have said they believe that she is under investigation because of improper handling of state funds. I am under the opinion that all one needs to do is step back and conduct a close examination of who Sarah Palin is and what she stands for to see why she has made the choice that she made.

If she were a member of the political majority it would be obvious that she is under investigation. Why do I say that? Well because most politicians would not voluntarily resign their position for any other reason. This is the reason for all of the criticism and rumors surrounding Gov. Palin’s announcement. We are thinking of the obvious. It takes a very special type of person to run for a political office of any kind. It must be one that believes strongly in their country and what we stand for as Americans. Once a person has gone through the intense vetting and scrutiny of running for public office and has been elected by a majority of Americans it is not something that is taken lightly. It is not a position that one would just give up easily. Now there are exceptions to this rule, most commonly they are people that make poor decisions such as Gov. Sanford. But the vast majority take their position seriously or they would not have made the difficult decision of running for public office in the first place.

When looking for the reason that Gov. Palin made the decision she made, one should first take a look at who she is and what she stands for. Gov. Palin is someone that puts her faith in God first and foremost in her life. She made this very clear when she entered the presidential campaign with Sen. McCain and ran as the Vice Presidential nominee. Secondly, she believes in the importance of family. Her family is very important to her and not something that she takes for granted. During the course of her campaign on the McCain ticket her family faced a tremendously unfair opposition. These were folks that criticized her then pregnant daughter Bristol. They criticized Gov. Palin for having a daughter that became pregnant out of wedlock. They have mocked her disabled son Trig. Why did they do this? They did it because Gov. Palin made it clear where she stands on the moral front. This was a position unfamiliar to us coming from a politician. However, one should realize that a parent is unable to control what members of their family do. You can teach them positive Godly values but in the end it is up to each person to make their choices as far as what kind of live they are going to live. The best thing a person can do for someone that makes a poor decision is to love them. Gov. Palin certainly exemplifies the love that a parent should have for their children. It is so obvious in listening to her talk about her faith, her family, and her values.

Another reason for the harsh criticism is that Gov. Palin was largely unknown prior to being selected by Senator McCain to run along side him in the presidential election. Now, why does this matter? It matters because she took the country by storm in such a short amount of time. She spoke very openly about her life and what she stands for on a moral front. This is an unusual character trait when compared with the majority of politicians today. Most run on a political platform. Gov. Palin does not do that. She runs on her morality and values. This is vastly different from what we are used to seeing. As a result of doing that, it becomes obvious where she stands on certain political issues and the rest falls into place. So by being unknown, she created a certain amount of anomosity against her right away because it was simply a surprise choice.

Finally, she is not the brilliant speaker that President Obama is. Admittedly, Gov. Palin was not perfect during the campaign. She is not nearly as brilliant a speaker as President Obama is. But in retrospect, does that really matter? I think it did to many people, which is why she was dismissed as being incompetent. I do not believe that Gov. Palin is incompetent is any sense of the word. She is, in fact, very brilliant and has done a lot of positive things for the state of Alaska. She has enjoyed an approval rating never lower than 54% since 2007. This speaks volumes about her work as Governor of Alaska.

In examining these important aspects of Gov. Sarah Palin it should be obvious as to why she decided to resign as Governor. Her family is priority number one in her life and she has been under a barrage of attacks since entering the national spotlight. These attacks have harmed her family, and herself emotionally and she does not want to put her family through that constant criticism. She believes so much in her country that she believes that her productivity as Governor is being adversely effected because of having to defend bogus allegations and criticisms. I would personally like to congratulate her for standing on positive moral values and doing what is best, not for herself, but for her entire family. I would be very surprised to see her run for President in 2012. I think she can be much more of an asset to the Republican Party by serving as a spokesperson and working with the party to make it much more of a contendor and stronger party in the years to come. Let’s not be so quick to judge without stepping back and taking a look at she Gov. Sarah Palin is and what she has taught us since coming into the national spotlight. Hopefully, you are looking at the new face of the Republican Party.


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