False Idols

Lately the media has been dominated with talk about the life of Michael Jackson. ABC News devoted nearly an entire day to Michael Jackson. You wouldn’t believe that this is a man that passed away on June 25. Let me just preface this discussion with the acknowledgement that Mr. Jackson was an excellent performer. He was able to captivate an audience with his dance moves.  He produced some really great music that has survived the test of time. His struggles came within his personal life. This is a life that was definitely troubled. From the allegations of child sexual assault all the way to his drug abuse that ended up taking his life. He believed that it was okay to lay in bed with children that were not his own. He is also known to serve the children warm milk. There is obviously something abnormal about this behavior. What message does this type of behavior convey? Why is this important? This is important because of all of the media attention that his death is bringing and the impression it gives our young people.

It is my belief that we should be promoting positive role models. Lives that are well lived and that truly exemplify the American Dream. While an excellent performer, I do not feel that with the problems he wrestled with internally deems him worthy of such high praise and glamour. Mr. Jackson was laid to rest in a gold plated casket. What message does this send? What message does it send that this was a man that had a memorial service attended by so many that didn’t even know him? Roads in and around Los Angeles were closed and a large amount of extra police were on duty. This is an honor that closely, if not surpasses, the recognition that a president would receive. This is all happening while our country is in turmoil. We are in the midst of winding up our military presence in Iraq and also starting another initiative in Afghanistan. The U.S. House just recently passed a cap and trade bill that will have a terrible impact on Americans in terms of expense and jobs. This is what our media should be focusing on to make all Americans knowledgeable about these things that will drastically impact lives. Our focus should be on the men and women in uniform that are currently serving to protect us. Also on the lives that have been lost in the service to this great country and for the freedoms that we all enjoy. These men and women are the true American role models that in which we should be placing our focus.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the fact that we as humans are imperfect. People will fail you and disappoint you. For this reason alone, I choose not to idolize any earthly being. My faith and aspirations are in the one who gives life. In my life Christ Jesus is the only one who deserves the recognition and grandeur that we give to these earthly celebrities. He is the one without imperfections and will not fail us. Whether or not you choose a religious affiliation, it should be obvious that we are placing too much emphasis on an earthly life that was not a positive role model as evident from the personal struggles that he faced.

It is my belief that we need to look at the situation for what it is. We should focus our attention on lives that are currently struggling because of the current economic crisis. Those that are struggling, but find ways to support their families are the real heroes. We should lift up those people and bring attention to those lives. I get the fact that Mr. Jackson’s family are grieving the loss and that is most definitely understandable. Mr. Jackson had fans all across the country. However, I don’t see the need for a big spectacle of a memorial service and specials on every channel of our television devoted to Michael Jackson and his life. We need more stories about Americans that are living a life deserving of acknowledgement. Stories that impact us and influence what happens in our lives. These are the people I want my son to grow up to be like and respect. Not one that ended far too early because of apparent drug use and that leaves more questions than it does answers.


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  1. Lee
    I do agree that the media has gone overboard with MJ’s death. Yes, he was a great performer, a musical genius. Yes, he had issues in his life. With the amount of fame and fortune he had, there was a heavy price to pay and his soul paid it. But honestly, can we expect any less of our media? If you want to see Britney scratching her a$$ just wait til the 11 o’clock news, it’ll be on there. Want to know if Lindsay and her girlfriend broke up again? Check out tmz..it’s on there! Ask any of our kids or even adults if they know what is going on with our troops in the middle east, do they have a clue where the First Family was today? Probably not. It’s the media’s fault. There is a higher power behind it all wanting to dumb down the American public. In order for things to fall into place as they should so we can just get weaker and weaker and dumber and dumber as a nation, the media has to numb us down and dumb us down. They are doing an excellent job and we’re allowing them to do so. Other countries report on news from all over the world, we just report what happened here.
    I am not suprised to see the media put Jackson on a pedestal like if he were a diety………they put all celebrities on the same level.
    But I will admit I did watch the memorial and it was a nice one.
    Be Blessed………

    • tainaboricua,

      Thank you for your comments. I agree with your assertion that the media is doing what is popular. It is my intention with this article to bring to light what truly is important to each and every one of us as Americans. It is so much more important to be knowledgable about what is going on in the world around us, as opposed to knowing what the pop celebrities are up to. Our culture has made it so that drama and gossip are what sells. Why have daytime soaps held on for so long? I hope that some day soon Americans will start rising up against this type of glamourization and start focusing on what truly is important. Thanks again and check back soon.

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