The Freedom To Be Free

Independence Day is a federal holiday where we commemorate the adoption of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776. This document announced that the thirteen American colonies were now independent and no longer part of the British Empire. This is a day when many Americans celebrate their independence or freedoms granted to them. Families normally gather together for picnics and time with family and friends. Fireworks are another symbolic gesture associated with July 4th or Independence Day. What many times gets lost in the grandeur of the day is that Americans really should reflect on the luxury of being free and the importance of such.

Because of the men and women in uniform that fight, and are currently fighting, to keep us a safe and free country we are able to have days like Independence Day. The meaning of freedom and examples of such vary from person to person. To me, being free has many different meanings. First and foremost we are able to live as free in the simplest form. We are not bound by someones rule that tells us how to live our lives. This is a luxury, because not all countries are able to do that. We are free to raise a family as we see fit. We can raise our children under the guidance of what is right and wrong as determined by the child’s parents. The government does not dictate to us how we should raise our children and under what morals and principles they are to be guided. We are free to choose the form of education for our children, such as public or private education or even to home school our children. We are free to give and receive love. During our lives we encounter many people. Giving and receiving love is very important to ones livelihood. It is so important to feel loved by someone. We are able to choose of place of worship if we so choose to do so. There are no limits on the God that we serve or in what form we choose to serve. We are free to choose our political affiliation. We have the freedom to vote in public elections to choose our politicians that represent our interest on both a state and national level. We also have the freedom to express ourselves and make our voices heard. We are given the luxury of free speech. This enables us to voice our opinions using platforms such as this. Freedom truly is a very important aspect of American life. One that many soldiers have fought and died to protect. Being free is truly a reason to celebrate.

As we celebrate this Independence Day it is my hope that you would take the time to think of those that are serving and have served on our behalf in the military. They are protecting the freedoms that we currently enjoy. We are a very fortunate nation to have the freedoms as outlined in this commentary. It is so easy to take for granted how fortunate we are as many do not live the “free” lives that we do. Also take the time to acknowledge the luxuries that you are afforded as a result of being free. As you celebrate think of those less fortunate than we that are not able to live freely. Happy Independence Day to you!!


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  1. Sometimes we forget just how lucky we are, this is a great reminder. Thanks Lee.

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