South Carolina In Turmoil

SC Governor Where

The status of the South Carolina state government is currently up in the air. Republican Governor Mark Sanford has admitted an extramarital affair with a lady in Argentina. Much has been talked about and written in the news over the last week about this situation. The week started with the whereabouts of Gov. Sanford being unknown. There were rumors that he was hiking on the Appalachian Trail. Then Gov. Sanford surfaced at a public announcement where he announced that he had been in Argentina for the previous 5 days. He then announced that he had been having an affair. His family had apparently been aware of the situation and, in fact, his wife had already asked him to leave. Chances of a reconciliation are still possible it seems.

Mr. Sanford has been a leader within the Republican Party. There were even thoughts that he may become the presidential nominee in the election in 2012. Ironically he was also a very loud critic of then President Clinton when his affair surfaced and was very outspoken in regards to the impeachment proceedings. He has always attempted to hold himself in high moral esteem and issues of integrity. All of this seems to have escaped him and he has allowed the temptation to cheat to get the best of him. There are lingering questions to be answered. What should happen with the governor seat? Will the Republican party be negatively impacted because of this admission?

In terms of his career, I feel the most important aspect to this situation is that the state of South Carolina was left without a leader for a period of time. This is very dangerous and certainly not a responsible decision by someone that is in a position of authority. If something were to happen that required an executive level decision, Gov. Sanford was not available. In fact the reports are that he had even turned off his cellphone. In my view, this is such a poor decision and shows complete lack of self control and responsibility. Having said that, I feel that he should resign from his position as governor of the state of South Carolina. A leader that shows the inability to lead and shows neglect to the office he has sworn to protect and uphold cannot go unpunished.

In respect to the Republican party, I believe that the path this situation takes will determine the affect on the Republican party. If Governor Sanford does not voluntarily resign, it will probably warrant an investigation at the request of the Democrats for impeachment from office. This will not reflect positively on the Governor or on the GOP as a whole. It would more than likely also drastically lower the chance of a Republican gaining control of the governorship in the next election. Voters do not forget scandals such as this one and would be a staple in the democratic campaign. However, if the Governor decides to put his country and the party first, he will make the correct decision to voluntarily resign. Obviously he has deservedly lost the trust of the citizens of South Carolina and his peers. It will be next to impossible to go forth with dignity and respect as governor. If he makes this difficult but necessary decision the Republican party can move forward without much, if any, adverse affects as a party.

For the benefit of his country and his family, Governor Sanford should resign. He has damaged the family bond that once held his family together. He needs to concentrate his efforts on rebuilding that relationship if his wife decides to give him the chance to do so. Secondly, he needs to realize his professional record is now tarnished and is something that would be next to impossible to be repaired as far as his public service goes. Let’s all learn from this and move forward for the benefit of the citizens of South Carolina.


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