10 Impacted Lives

The recent announcement that Jon and Kate are getting divorced has left viewers to wonder what will become of the family that so many people fell in love with. This family is left to not only deal with the pain that a divorced family can bring, they are also left to deal with the relentless media that I’m sure will not leave them alone. This family has allowed the entire country into their lives in a way that cannot be reversed. Viewers obsess with knowing every detail of their lives and they are the brunt of conversations everywhere today. What will happen to the family, what will happen to the kids, who’s fault is the divorce, and who will move on first? This is so very tragic. In my view, the media and viewers should move on. Let’s not obsess over what happens to this family and allow them to search themselves.

Divorce can be very painful. In this country, divorce has become the accepted norm when a family decides to take the easy road and escape their problems. Part of my strong feeling is due to my moral bias on divorce. The other is just genuinely what is best for their family and most importantly their children. This family has put so many things ahead of what is truly best for their family. Maybe if their lives were not so public, they would be able to take the time to stand back, take a look at their problems and work them out. But instead, the pressure to make a decision did not allow for resolve. This is due to the fact that they were in the media spotlight and have to decide what their future holds in reference to television and their careers.

I really do feel sorry for the children that were put in the midst of this situation without any say. They are still forced to deal with the situation and have to live a life in the spotlight because of, in my view, the greed that consumed their parents. Based on their per show earnings, for 40 shows they earn approximately $3 Million Dollars. Hence the reason for the lavish house that they have decided to keep and allow the children to live in while switching parental supervision in their own reality show version of custody. I guess that arrangement will keep the viewer faithful watching as the show progresses with the same household backdrop.

I just wish that Jon and Kate had not put their family in this situation. There will be enough hurt to go around as was displayed on their show last night. Who is responsible for the divorce, who will move on first really shouldn’t matter. They need to take time in their own private way and do a soul search to make sure that this is really what they both want. I am not totally convinced that if they do that, the result will be as it currently is. Family should be defended whenever possible. A family together is always better than one that is broken.


4 Responses

  1. It is sad. I watched this family grow on the show. I wish that more people would not consider divorce as an option.

  2. Divorce is not an option. I would never let my husband out of our marraige…for any reason:) Good article!

  3. I agree with pretty much everything but the last sentence. My dad was/still is a raging alcoholic. My parents are still together but my brother and I both wished for years my mom would have left him. We would have been better off than listening to the constant fighting and verbal abuse. And my dad was never there for us emotionally (still isn’t) and he never went to any of our school activities growing up. So in cases like that I think the family is not better together. Now I forgave my dad years ago but there is still much dysfunction. Jon and Kate may still be able to work things out – if they go away from public view for a long, long time to work on things.

  4. Ahhhhh, say what you will but I saw the resentment in Jons eyes during the first episode. I’m not sure if it was all 6 kids at once or the way Kate threw him around like a wet lemon peel, or both, but It didn’t look good from the start. I just do not think that we as humans are mentally or physically equipped to parent that many children at once. Even with all the support they had it still isn’t working out. What if they were not in the spot light? Is it possible to care for that many little ones at once? If they didn’t have all the financial support would it have been any easier for them?? It’s sad, but I don’t think either of the two are helping their situation.

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