What To Do With North Korea?

kim_jong_ilAs I”m sure you are already aware, North Korea is becoming very dangerous. They have already tested a long range missile and have tested their nuclear capabilities. I feel these are very prevocative acts that demand a response. It has been in the news that they are about to test another long range missile that may have the capability to reach Hawaii. In response Secretary Gates has ordered a radar to be set up off the coast of Hawaii to monitor the situation. Obviously if a missile were to be launched and appeared to have the potential to reach Hawaii it would be shot down. But I think that President Obama should be reacting now. We waited to sanction North Korea after their test of the first long range missile. We now are able to intercept any vessel that is believed to be carrying nuclear products. However that is where our power ends. We still would have to obtain permission to board the ship to conduct further inspection. North Korea is not going to grant permission for any country to board the ship to investigage. Secondly they have already made it clear that any attempt to intercept their ships would be considered an act of war. Instead of constantly being reactive, we need to be proactive. We need to destroy any nuclear capability that they currently posess instead of waiting for them to make a move. Being reactive as opposed to proactive in situations like these is very dangerous. President Obama, in his decisions thus far as president, seems to be unsure of how to respond to these major situations. This is cause for major concern. He has apologized for the actions of the United States as if we have something to be apologize for. We are fortunate to live in such a great nation. But I suppose one could go back to the remarks that surfaced during the campaign that Michelle Obama made, and I am paraphrasing, about for the first time in her life being proud to be an American. We shouldn’t be surprised now should we? His indecisiveness and poor decision making is causing our country, in the words of former VP Dick Cheney, to be less safe. It is sadly true. This is the topic for tomorrow’s post. What are your feelings about the situation in North Korea and how we are handling this situation?


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  1. It is saddening to think about the quality of life of North Koreans. It would be nice if Jong just dissapeared.

    I’m not scared of Korea. I trust that our military will keep N Korea at bay. If Pentagon officials don’t see Korea as a legitimate threat, why Should the President start a war. Forcing our way onto a ship propurtoed to carry some naughty guns will give N Korea a reason to launch a missle.

    This thing with wacky Kim Jong has been going on since my grandfather was discharged from the army. They are a small insignificant state, ruled by a deranged man hoping to provoke a glorious contra.

    Remeber there were weapons of mass destruction stored in Iraq? I could print out a few Google Earth maps and tell you there are bags of rice and guns leaving the port of Hong Kong. Must we not forget how hastily the invasion was handled.

    America’s problem in foreign affairs is its over use of hegemony. We can no longer go it alone. We also can’t save the world by going after every crazed dictator and spending billions of dollars on funding fueds.

    We need the support of the UN and other countries in these matters. This is diplomacy of the future.

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