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Do you approve of President Obama’s overall performance thus far as President?(polls)


3 Responses

  1. I am surprised at the polling results. I believe the majority of those who rate poorly the overall performance of the President would have to be considered Obama “haters”. The lack of better wording was intentional to preclude the notion that there has not been enough time to see the results of the cabinet’s decisions.
    If you are hoping this President fails then, you are voting for the country to fail. Please be careful what you wish for. In the few months that we’ve had a new President, I am curious to know what most Americans wished our President should have done to solve the nation’s problems?
    So far we have seen the natural course of events unfold toward economic recovery. The Feds dropped the interest rate, but there is so much ground to cover making the affect mute. Banks have reorganized, creating a more stable domestic reserve.
    We have seen the first stages of legislation protecting the consumers and industry. The president has followed through on his promises to health care reform. Unforetunately, the opposition has never devised a comprehensive approach except to criticize the Obama efforts.
    The success of any leader is measured purely by the performance of his people. We the people will remain poorly performing until success is achieved after many years of experiencing changes unique to the past and unlike what we anticipate the future to be.

  2. Thanks for the comments. I don’t view those who rate the president’s performance as poor to be Obama “haters”. One could draw the conclusion that these people care about the future of our great country. I do give President Obama credit for his handling, thus far, of the recession and the financial measures he has put in place to begin to stabilize the economy. In my view the struggling banks had to be stabilized. Our economy needs the banks to keep things moving. We are now beginning to see signs in the housing market of a possible economic turnaround. This isn’t going to be immediate but in our near future.

    Having said that, I do believe that there are decisions that President Obama has made that are not to our benefit. The first being his level of spending is unprecedented. Just take a look at the level of spending he has already spent and has proposed in so short a time as President. I think this is the direct result of inexperience. This is a man that has risen to power in a very short time. My biggest complaint of his performance thus far is his belief that government has to be involved in our lives. This is where many conservatives get that our nation is becoming a Socialist country. I’m glad that you mentioned his health care proposal. He is proposing that every American will be covered by health insurance. Employers will be pressured to provide health coverage to their employees. This will cause employers to pay lower wage or to draw back in their number of employees. The government will have the authority to manipulate the health insurance market. President Obama claims that anyone that currently has health insurance will be able to keep their plan. The problem with this is that the existing health care insurers will not be able to compete with the federal government in terms of plans that it will cause Americans to change plans. If you wish to see how this proposal works just take a look at Canada’s existing health insurance plans. Their government dictates what prescriptions are prescribed based on cost which causes a higher death rate to things like Colon Cancer because of the extreme cost for the medication.

    In short, other areas that I believe to be wrong decisions is President Obama’s apparent indecisiveness in foreign policy. He has changed direction on his belief in the amount of involvement in the Iranian elections. He has also allowed N. Korea to test a long range missile and also an underground nuclear test. N. Korea has been sanctioned and as we speak the U.S. is currently tracking a ship that is believed to be carrying nuclear components that is believed to be headed to Myanmar where the parts could then be distributed. We are tracking the ship but currently have no authority to search the ship or confiscate any weapons that are found. I feel we should be more aggressive in our approach in dealing with these situations to ensure that Americans are safe and that we are sending the message that this behavior will not be tolerated.

  3. The economy is definately the larger issue to consider when evaluating our leader. The crisis is affecting all nations.

    Health care is another issue that governments all over the world have be sturggling with. We fear the Canadian experience and know that there are things working and not working in Europe.

    The President has said this is still the early stages of his health care reform. I am still waiting to hear of a different plan instead of just talk about fear.

    This is good discussion. The President needs to know what we fear so that he can address it. The idea is not to become a Socialist state. We should be looking to find a balance.

    There are a few ways countries fund a health care systems: private insurance, out of pocket, taxes, social health insurance and community insurance.

    If we are not willing to pay more taxes or out of pocket oor higher insurance premiums and we don’t approve of a more governmental approach, than we are just still fearing the unknown.

    The unkonwn is als what is in that Korean vessel. That cerazy Kim Jong is always wearing shades. What is he up to?

    Change is going to come. No one said it was going to be easy.

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